Secrets Of The Golf Swing
- For Keen But Busy Golfers -

Hi there golfers!

Whether you've been playing for years and frustrated with your golf swing or if you're just starting out then you've come to the right place.

When you consider the sheer volume of material that has been written about the swing, it's little wonder that most players find themselves stuck in a technical dead end, totally confused by the amount of information they believe they have to take on board.

But that just isn't the case. You don't have to be swamped by all that detail. The truth is much simpler than you'd imagine. Not only that but it's easy to understand.

I'm here to explain the secrets of the correct swing - secrets that any club player can master.

The irony is that modern coaching itself is often guilty of over-complicating what is a pretty simple physical movement.

So it's time to clear your mind of detailed tips and fixes and get back to the basics outlined by Ben Hogan.

There are just three golf swing fundamentals and that's what you'll be reading about here.

Correct Golf Swing - Understanding The Correct Golf Swing
There is only one correct golf swing and that's why all pro golfers look the same at impact.

Golf Swing Speed - The Correct Golf Swing
Golf swing speed is the secret to achieving greater distance on your shots. It's not about muscle power.

Golf Backswing - Wrist Hinge In The Golf Backswing
In the correct golf backswing the fundamental technique is the wrist hinge.

How To Cure A Slice Or Hook In Golf
To cure a slice or hook in golf you first need to understand why the position of your arms is the most likely problem.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing
One fundamental of the Ben Hogan golf swing is keeping the arms together as you swing the golf club.

Left Arm Release In The Golf Swing
The left arm release is like a magic move to develop maximum clubhead speed

Short Game Golf Swing
How the short game swing differs from the full golf swing

Golf Swing Training Aids
Why golf swing training aids can be a waste of money